Pass Plus Driving Course

Our Pass Plus Driving Lessons provide a great way to advance your driving ability beyond your practical driving test so that you feel prepared to traverse roads all over the country and abroad.

The Pass Plus Scheme includes 6 one-hour modules to address the areas of driving you may not have covered in much depth prior to passing your test.


Motorway Driving Lessons are now permitted for learner drivers following a law change in 2018. Despite this, learner drivers will still only have limited motorway driving time before passing their test.

Weather Conditions

Driving in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain and ice can make driving much more complicated than dry conditions. During a pass plus course, you will learn more about how to control your vehicle and the stopping distances of varying weather conditions you learned during your theory test practice.

Night Driving

Depending on the time of year you had driving lessons, driving at night may be a new experience. Night driving through pass plus teaches newly passed drivers how and when to use the correct type of lights, parking, and other elements of driving in the dark.

Other categories include rural driving, town driving, and dual carriageways. While you should have some experience with most of these categories from driving lessons, completing a pass plus course will give you a comprehensive understanding of all areas.

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