Motorway Driving Lessons

Motorway Driving Lessons in Market Leading Vehicles

Motorway driving lessons from TEDI Driving Instructor provide a great way to develop your driving ability and confidence in addition to normal driving lessons for your practical driving test. Having practiced on a full range of British roads will fully prepare you to travel roads all over the country and abroad. All new TEDI Driving School pupils learn to drive in the comfort and style of our top-of-the-range vehicles.

Complete our Motorway Driving Lesson Enquiry Form for a member of our Customer Services Team to contact you and arrange your first motorway lesson. Or if you’d prefer to make a booking directly, call us on: NUMBER TO CONFIRM.

Why are Motorway Driving Lessons Important?

Since the allowance of Motorway Driving Lessons in June 2018 by the DVSA, learner drivers have been permitted to drive on motorways as part of driving lessons. To be permitted to drive on a motorway the driver must be accompanied by a qualified Driving Instructor.

Since the decision to allow Motorway Driving Lessons, TEDI Driving Instructors have noticed a considerable gain in the confidence levels and abilities of their pupils. This gain is not only noticed in their ability to confidently drive on British motorways, but also aids in the development of driving on normal roads and test routes.

For more information on Motorway Driving Lessons with TEDI Driving School contact a member of our Customer Services Team.



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