Intensive Driving Course


If you are looking to pass your driving test in a shorter amount of time, then Intensive Driving Lessons could be the right answer for you. Learning to drive can be time-consuming, often taking months to be test-ready. Taking a more intensive program in learning to drive can help you pass in a matter of weeks with a TEDI Instructor.

Intensive Driving Courses (subject to availability) are catered to your needs and begin with a two-hour assessment session to provide you with a measurement of how quickly it will take for you to pass.



For more information on intensive driving lessons or to find your closest TEDI Instructor, contact a member of our Customer Service Team through our intensive driving course inquiry


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    What is an Intensive Driving Course?

    An intensive driving course takes the full spectrum of learning to drive and reduces the time frame needed to complete the course with lessons closer together or longer. Also known as “crash course” driving lessons, intensive driving lessons cover the same content as taking lessons in a conventional way, but can be more heavily focused on where you feel least confident.

    You will still receive support from your instructor on all aspects of learning to drive including theory test preparation, answering the show me tell me questions during your test, newly introduced motorway driving, and much more as part of your course.

    How long is an Intensive Driving Course?

    There are no rules as to how long a course of intensive driving lessons should take to complete. As with conventional lessons, the length of time taken to be ready to take your test depends on your confidence and ability behind the wheel. Every learner driver is different.

    As part of your first lesson, your Instructor will evaluate your driving ability and confidence to measure how long your course is likely to take.

    Where can I do Intensive Driving Lessons?

    Anywhere! With intensive driving lessons taking the same base structure as a normal course, any qualified TEDI Instructor can supply intensive lessons.

    We have Driving Instructors based in hundreds of locations throughout the country waiting to help you on the road to driving independently after passing your test.