F A Qs



Q: What happens if I fail the exams?

A: The DVSA allows you as many attempts at Part 1 as you need. Once you have passed your Part 1 you will then have two years to pass both Part 2 and Part 3. You are allowed three attempts at both Part 2 and Part 3. If either exam is failed for the third time, then you cannot proceed any further for that instance. If you wish to re-start the process, you can start over again on the second anniversary of first passing your Part 1.

Q: How much are the test prices?

A: The ADI driving instructor test prices are separate from the cost of our training and you pay the DVSA directly. The test prices are as follows:
ADI Part One – Theory Test: £81
ADI Part Two – Driving Ability: £111
ADI Part Three – Instructional Ability: £111

Q: How much is the ADI Registration and Licence Fee?

A: Entry to the DVSA Register is £300


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